About us

UKCEN was initially set up as a group on Facebook in August 2016, to respond to the demand for up-to-date information, advice and practical support for EU citizens in the UK, which were needed due to the potential in immigration status after the UK’s departure from the European Union.

Since the initial set up, the group has gained the voluntary support of 10 professionals, all experienced in dealing with EU-EEA/UK immigration law and 16 administrators, some of whom are now training as immigration advisers.

Our focus

  1. To provide accessible and up-to-date information to those who wish to apply for EEA/QP (Registration Certificate), EEA/PR (Permanent Resident certification), UK citizenship and UK passport. This is done by providing a range of resources, such a FAQs document, which is user-friendly and covers most of the questions asked in the forum. The FAQs document is regularly updated by the admin team with the oversight of the legal team.
  2. Providing online support to individual members with general application queries via direct access to the forum. The online service is managed by the administrators who approve posts on the forum and tag a member of the legal team when advice or more in-depth considerations are needed. Many queries are managed by the admin team if this involves only providing information to individual members.

What do we advocate for?

All EEA nationals resident  in the UK to be able to obtain new status certification post Brexit via a simplified process of application, which will require solely the presentation of a EU passport/ID and a document proving regular residence in the UK prior the cut-off date (whichever this might be).

EU- UK negotiation period and beyond

  • Continue to encourage EU/EEA citizens living in the UK to apply for Registration Certificate (less than 5 years residents), Permanent Resident certification and UK citizenship (when it is advisable to do so).
  • Continue to support applicants via our resources and online forum.
  • Lobbying for the improvements of the current application system, this includes the review of the current application forms for RC, PR UK citizenship – NCS issues – streamlining straightforward cases.
  • Lobbying with other organisations and EU groups for the protection of the rights of the current EU citizens living in the UK.
  • Networking with other organisations for strengthening our support to applicants and creating training opportunities for UKCEN Admin and Legal team and collaborating in fundraising.